Full-Service Hot Tub Removal

One Stop Junk Removal has the full-service hot tub removal you’ve been looking for.

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Hot Tub Removal by One Stop Junk Removal

At One Stop Junk Removal, with offices in Cleveland, and Houston, the junk removal services you need don’t have to drive your checking account into the red. In fact, we’ve got the professional hot tub removal services you want for a price that won’t make you reel. We have the experience necessary for a quick and easy removal. Count on us, whether your hot tub is above-ground or below-ground, big or small, and everything in between! 
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Why Our Hot Tub Removal Service?

Hot tub removal can be tricky, but when done correctly, it’s not so bad. One Stop provides you with professional services with a friendly flair, so count on us to remove that hot tub in record time. We’re fully insured and ready to take on a challenge.

Prepared For Any Job

We can handle any hot tub. If it’s embedded in concrete, we’ve got the tools to dig it out. If it’s bulky and in a cramped space, we’ll chop it into pieces as necessary. For every job, we’ll make an appropriate “battle plan” and see it to completion!

Hot Tub Removal Cost

All of our junk removal jobs are priced according to volume. No hidden fees, no surprise surcharges. We’ll save those for national chains that like to swindle their customers. We’ll keep our services honest and affordable!

Upfront Quotes

When we arrive on your appointment day, we’ll give you an upfront quote. That way, you know what you’re paying before we even start working. Accept our quote, and we can begin our work. It’s just that simple.

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Schedule Today

Get started with us and schedule your appointment ASAP!

  • Call us at one of our two locations to start speaking with a One Stop rep.
  • You can also book online if you prefer!
  • We’ll give you a cost estimate after you tell us about the job.
  • We offer same-day and next-day availability for your convenience.
  • After you choose an appointment day, we’ll give you a 2-hour arrival window.
  • That’s it. See you on your appointment day!

Hot Tub Removal Done Right!

Removing a hot tub can be a lot of work. Save yourself the time and stress of doing it on your own and let us handle it instead. We can handle all steps of the process, no matter the tub:
  • Disconnecting wires, plugs, and plumbing
  • Draining the tub
  • Removal of concrete foundations
  • Cutting up the tub
  • Hauling
  • Recycling or disposing of the tub


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